Sports activities for pregnant women

Stay fit during your pregnancy and enjoy the many rewards of being physically active throughout this special time.

Give yourself and your little one the gift of being in the best shape possible for your big day!

Is it safe to work out during my pregnancy?

We always recommend to speak with your doctor first. Generally speaking, he/she will recommend that you continue working out if you’re already physically active or even start a workout routine if you tend to have a sedentary lifestyle. What’s important is to stay within your limits.

Keep in mind that our classes are specifically designed for pregnant women.

Pre-natal and post-natal yoga

Yoga is the perfect way to relax. Doing yoga allows you to work on your posture and breathing, two focal points that are especially important before and after pregnancy. 

Enjoy moments of pure bliss and take care of yourself. Pre-natal yoga helps you connect with your future child and lets you socialize with moms and moms-to-be.

Belly Ball

Belly ball is a low to moderate-intensity workout routine that uses an exercise ball.

This workout includes exercises specifically tailored to the needs of the pregnant women that help her relieve muscle tension, stay in shape and maintain her flexibility.

Each workout includes muscle strengthening exercises with different intensity levels suited to various needs.

Belly Shape

Want to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy? Our Belly Shape class is just what you need. During this training, you’ll work on both your endurance and muscular tone.

This class is a win-win: on top of pursuing your active lifestyle before the baby is born, you’ll be able to recuperate and recover your endurance better and faster after giving birth.