Family Restaurant with Playground

Healthy Café

Our Healthy Café is your perfect place to relax: whether you’re a mom on the go or a dad who needs a break, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of healthy and organic options.

Toddlers will love our specially designed menu, including a variety of baby purées. Everything we offer at the Café is also available for take-out.



As you’re enjoying our Healthy Café friendliness, you will be able to keep an eye on your children while they have fun in our playground and central areas.

They will experience a welcoming, safe and social environment where they will discover brain-boosting BPA-free toys to stimulate learning under our staff supervision.



Strawberry shortcake

Your choice of milk, fresh strawberries, organic graham cookies, topped with coco whip

Served with mini gluten free angel cake

Possible add on  : Wowmoms protein (vanilla)

Banana bread

Your choice of milk, banana , dattes, cinnamon

Served with homemade gluten free dairy free banana bread

Possible add on : Wowmoms protein (vanilla)

Blueberry muffin

Your choice of milk, rolled oats, blueberries, banana, pure vanilla extract

Possible add on : Wowmoms protein (vanilla) or Acai powder

Peanut butter

Your choice of milk, chocolate peanut butter wowmoms protein, cocoa nibs, chopped peanuts

Served with muesli toast

Chocolate heaven

Your choice of milk, banana, unsweetened cacao powder, topped with coco whip and organic black chocolate

Possible add on : Wowmoms protein (vanilla or chocolate)

Cinnamon protein roll

Your choice of milk, cinnamon, wowmoms protein

Served with homemade gluten free cinnamon roll

Green machine

Your choice of milk, banana, fresh baby spinach, natural peanut butter. Hemp seeds and puffed millet

Possible add on : Wowmoms protein (vanilla) or Wowmade Greens


Your choice of milk, chocolate wowmoms protein, fresh mint, wowmade greens, cocoa Nibs

Orange creamsicle

Your choice of milk, pure orange juice, vanilla yogourt, orange zest

Served with homemade Greek frozen yogourt bar

Possible add on : Wowmoms protein (vanilla)






Vanilla latte

Organic orange juice

Organic apple juice

Wowmoms water bottle


The little ones

The turtle

Mango and other fruits


1/2 wrap of your choosing

The owl

Plain crêpe served with fruits

Purée Trio



Wraps and salads

Vege wrap

Whole wheat tortilla, hummus, carrots, avocado, red bell pepper, sprouts, cucumber


Naan bread, tzatziki, onion, baby spinach, hot pepper, legumes


French bread, organic cold cuts, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, fresh basil

Tuna Wrap

Whole wheat tortilla, tuna salad, red onion, tomato, avocado, Dijon mustard dressing

Mexican wrap

Whole wheat tortilla, grilled chicken, corn salsa, avocado, cilantro, lettuce

Mason jar veggie lover

Mesclun, carrots, red bell peppers, corn, chick peas, avocado, red quinoa, lemon olive oil dressing

French crêpes

Organic chicken, Sriracha sauce, avocado, baby spinach, tomato and your choice of cheese

Mason jar Cesear salad

Romaine, cucumber, parmesan, croutons, grilled chicken, pine nuts, Caesar dressing

Mason jar Granny Smith

Mesclun, green apple, goat cheese, pine nuts, cranberries, grilled chicken, carrots, balsamic dressing


• Organic chicken   • Avocado    • Goat cheese


Collations and Desserts

Wowmoms muffins

Gluten free, no added sugar, made with wowmoms protein

Dessert crêpes

Caramel, bananas

Rice cakes plate

Brown rice cake, natural nut butter, fresh fruits, hemp seeds and Goji berries

Fruit plate for two

Seasonal fruits

Smoothie bowl & granola

Greek yogurt and raspberries with homemade gluten free granola