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Our Services


A modern and safe place to play and connect with your littles! Our toys are all BPA free and free of all toxins. If you would like to sit and enjoy your coffee, take a fitness class, or enjoy a much needed pampering at our salon and spa, our amazing Mommy Helpers will engage in purposeful play with your little ones!


Whether you would like to get back into shape or work on your physical condition, our classes have everything to meet your expectations and are enough to challenge you so that you can meet your fitness goals. Come with or without your baby to work in groups on medium to high-intensity circuit training, interval training, TRX, yoga and more.We offer adult classes, kids classes, as well as parent and me classes. Fun for the whole family! Classes vary by location.


Our WowSwim program is a unique concept with an Olympic Medalist and World Champion WowSwim ambassador. WowSwim is one-on-one instructing in a heated, non-chlorinated pool. We also offer Flotation Therapy for babies. Flotation Therapy has many benefits including building strength, better digestion, confidence, improved motor skills, and relaxation for a better night’s sleep!


Our WowCafe is your perfect place to relax: whether you’re a Mom on the go or a Dad who needs a break, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of healthy and organic options. Kids love our specially designed kids menu as well!

As the children learn and play with our staff, parents can relax and socialize within eyesight. It's the only cafe experience designed for the sole purpose of catering to families' needs.


Our state-of-the-art WowMe Salon & Spa is the perfect oasis for any parent! You can enjoy services solo while our Mommy Helpers play with your child or all enjoy our services together! We offer a nail salon, hair salon, aesthetics, massages, and more! Services vary by location.


We do children’s parties differently. Ours are health-oriented, educational and always fun! Mom and Dad will get to relax and enjoy this precious moment while we handle the organization and make sure the event runs smoothly! Packages vary by location.

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